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Moms don't need another social network. They need real friends. They need to actually talk to people.  They need to get out of house and into the presences of other adults who understand them. They need a life!

Our mission at The Mommies Network is not to give you just another place to chat online, because we know that we need more than that. Parenting doesn't happen behind a computer screen, and neither does the support you need to help you in your parenting journey. We are Mommies in Action! We meet with each other for coffee. We get dressed up for a Moms Night Out. We compare stories on the playground. We have a community of moms that we look to and depend on for friendship, for advice and for a few moments of relief from this roller-coaster ride called parenting.

We are not about a website... we are more than that! The website is a tool. The members are the mission! 

This year, we are honored to be featuring LouisvilleMommies as one of our chapters that has made our mission a reality. Just a short 18 months ago, LouisvilleMommies was a small group of moms that struggled to find its voice. But, in just a few months, LouisvilleMommies- guided by a team of dedicated volunteers- established itself as a community treasure by doing what we do best: creating relationships. 

LouisvilleMommies knew that it had to be more than recipe exchanges and coupon clipping. LouisvilleMommies made it a priority to give their moms every opportunity to really get to know each other one . By reaching out, one mom at a time, LouisvilleMommies quickly became one of The Mommies Networks most successful and engaged chapter.

Our focus this year is Mission in Action-  what it looks like when The Mommies Network is living up to our Mission Statement:

"To provide a safe, secure, FREE place for mothers to find support and encouragement from other mothers and to empower them to be better women, mothers and community leaders."

Each quarter, we will feature one of our chapters who is living out our mission in their local area. Your donation will ensure that we are able to continue living out this mission each and every day across the country and right in your backyard.

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